Blue is the New Black

Blog by Tracy Butz, CSP

Today social media sucks our attention and is said to breed anxiety. We’re so connected, yet our relationships are suffering. The new normal is anything but calming, with change continuing to be a constant. I decided it was time for a change in my business, but I wanted it to be representative of something bigger.

Question: What is the color of the sky at dusk, a delicious berry and the most popular jean color? Blue, of course. In fact, blue is what color forecasters tout as timeless and is deemed both comforting and reassuring—offering the confidence to move forward together. This sense of strength, trust and confidence is what I want my brand to symbolize. I decided it was time to change and evolve.

Since I founded my business in 2008, I have transitioned from a color scheme that was red/gray/black to pink/black. And now, just like Pantone’s color of the new year was recently identified as classic blue (PMS 19-4052) that they call “the new black”, my business logo has now evolved to a beautiful blue hue, as well. This shift is exciting and fun—but also represents the immense trust and loyalty my clients have demonstrated by continuing to partner with me—allowing me to achieve my most profitable year ever!

A new logo, an entirely new website and a more targeted approach…are just some of the changes I’ve made. I’ve also transitioned my blog entries from my Blogspot to a new, more user-friendly platform, which I plan to post on weekly versus monthly. So rather than monthly ezines, I’ll be communicating weekly to my followers in a shorter, more focused blog format. None of us have time to read multiple articles in an ezine. Instead, short bursts of information will be offered to more easily digest the content and offer your comments. It also provides more time to disconnect and focus your attention on applying what is read.

I hope you enjoy the changes I’ve made. Please share your thoughts and comments.

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