Tame the Turbulence: Avoid Losing It. Fly Through It.

In this hectic and chaotic world, we are constantly facing turbulent circumstances and feeling out of control, with stress considered by many experts, to be the number one health problem today. The undeniable daily demands on our time and attention can leave us feeling overcommitted and overwhelmed. Instead, choose to become the pilot in your life and Tame the Turbulence! Tracy's practical applications will help you to live a more productive, balanced and meaningful lifeone with less stress and greater success. You will walk away inspired to make positive, long-lasting changes, with enhanced insight, optimism and confidence. (This "Tame the Turbulence" book compliments this message nicely!) 

Design Your Life to Fit You! Dream It. Plan It. Live It.

In a world that expects so much of us, where we are often times blind to who we are and what we really need, how can we design our lives to feel happy, engaged, and fulfilled? Start by believing in yourself and in your passions, understanding how you envision your life. Next, create a plan that is aligned with your dreams, focusing on accomplishing those goals that are of greatest value to you. Lastly, choose to live your life to the fullest, with countless moments that are meaningful, extraordinary and memorable. Don't allow others to sketch your plan or let life happen to you by default. Design your life to fit you, just like the perfect pair of jeans. ("The Perfect Pair of Jeans" book pairs perfectly with this message!)

"Tracy has a natural grace and comfort that allowed her points to connect and resonate with our audience of 500+ attendees. Numerous survey sheets had her comments as the one thing they would take home from the convention and put into practice. This tells me her presentation was well received and life changing. She did exactly what we expected , which was to enhance the lives of those who attended. Thank you to Tracy, as the audience loved her." 
Jeff Harrold
Chairman & CEO
Auto-Owners Insurance

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Top 10 Reasons to Partner with Tracy!

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This life-altering keynote is filled with groundbreaking insights and a tool for action to help you transform your life and achieve greater success. Tracy will share the secret of how to adapt thoughts and interpretations, change behavior, bring out the best in your team and yourself, ad create the results that we covet at work and in life. Walk away with tools that will help lyou feel inspired, empowered, and able to take action. Choose to be more successful. Choose to be a better you. Choose to transform your life. The One Choice Rule: one choice can change everything.                                                                              ("The One Choice Rule" book is an excellent choice to accompany this message!)  

Many people equate work to feelings of frustration, worry, unhappiness, anger or even fear. Work just doesn't have to be this way! We can talk about these issues until the cows come home or we can do something about them. Whether you're a leader or individual contributor, you can make a signficant impact in your workplace culture and also key relationships by making one small change after another, positively altering attitudes, behaviors and performance. So take the bull by the horns and steer the positive change you want to see. Before you know it, you'll proudly proclaim, "HOLY COW!® This place rocks!" (An udderly perfect book for this message is, "HOLY COW!") 


 Keynote Presentations

HOLY COW!® Create an Amazing Workplace that Steers Passion Performance & Prosperity

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The One Choice Rule: Transform Your Life and Work by Changing Your Mindset and Behavior