Are you facing a change you know you need to make yourself, or desperately trying to persuade a colleague or friend to change a negative behavior that is holding him/her back? Uncover the secret of how to control emotional reactions to positively influence choices and behavior change for yourself and in others. Cultivate an environment that encourages differing points of view, enhanced communication, fewer excuses and greater accountability. With groundbreaking insights and a tool for action, develop impactful keystone habits that create a positive domino effect—individually, within teams, and across your organization—fueling breakthrough performance and higher productivity. Discover and apply The One Choice Rule: One choice can change everything.  

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Do employees bring passion, commitment, and skills to work every day? Do your leaders inspire teams to collaborate better and perform higher? Discover how to create an amazing culture—where people feel empowered to do their best work, trust and respect their leaders, and willingly collaborate and perform in highly effective ways. Attract the best talent and select the right individuals to inspire and lead productive teams. Alter workplace behaviors and performance—where negative conflict is controlled, accountability grows, and results are achieved. Inspire change in dysfunctional, under-performing silos to become motivated, accountable and committed teams. Start influencing a transformation of your workplace culture to win in the workplace and prosper in the marketplace.  

Leading change efforts in the workplace can be daunting and difficult! And even with the best intentions, 70 percent of organizational change initiatives fail, which not only negatively impacts bottom line and culture—but it decreases productivity, trust, commitment, morale and teamwork. Adding to this problem is the fact that the need to lead change is growing, but the ability to do it is shrinking. Instead of your next change effort exerting a heavy toll—both human and economic—discover how to influence a positive transformation in your organization. Discover a proven formula for determining the financial impact for any change initiative and apply an intentional approach with results-focused strategies. Embrace change and lead it toward a positive future, rather than merely avoiding a negative one.