Key Takeaways:

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The One Choice Rule: one choice can change everthing. 




  • Discover the secret to achieving greater productivity and more positive outcomes.
  • Control emotional reactions by changing your story.
  • Empower personal accountability to fuel breakthrough performance.
  • Positively influence choices by adapting your thoughts and interpretations.
  • Change your mindset and behavior to transform your life.
  • Be inspired and motivated to reach your true potential.

This life-altering keynote is filled with groundbreaking insights and a tool for action to help you transform your life and work by taking purposeful action to change behaviors you want to make, as well as those you know you should make. Learn how to develop powerful habits that create a positive domino effect in your life and alter your mindset to propel greater success and happiness--while fostering strength through setbacks. Discover the secret of how to control emotional reactions and empower personal accountability while learning how to influence choices and behavior change in others. Fuel breakthrough performance and achieve higher levels of productivity with The One Choice Rule: One choice can change everything. 

("The One Choice Rule" book is an excellent choice to accompany this message!)